Friday, October 27, 2006


Happy Halloween!

I sent a package to Kevin that I hope arrives in time.
I did not realize I needed a customs form for a package to a military address so I hope that did not cause a delay and any problems.
I guessed on the number of items per type that I had listed since I was filling it out on the fly at the post office window.
Normally I make a list as I am packing to send overseas and use that as the guide for the customs form.

Anyway, Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


October Happens!

How time flys!
It became October when I wasn't looking.
I had hoped that there would be more participation on this blog from UMA members.

We all understand how often people have trouble adapting to newer technology especially when not immersed in it. That gets complicated by how Life often prevents us all from having time to try and figure out how to use all these newer things.

I know that those members living in non-U.S.A. locations understand and hopefully feel all the good vibes that have not made it onto this blog.

Here's hoping that you all are able to find or are sent Halloween packages with at least some decorations and treats to help you get into the proper mood.

Have a Happy Halloween!

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Greetings UMA Members

This month's Ootmah Andy Williams brought to the group's attention that at least one of our members is stationed away from the U.S.A. which means he does not have the ability to celebrate UMA's favorite monsterific holiday HALLOWEEN as easily as we do.

Access to the abundance of decorations, Trick Or Treat supplies, and all the other goodies is scarce or limited.

Let us use this Blog as a forum to pass greetings in text and image to those members serving overseas or living overseas. If you have someone's address serving in the military or living overseas, remember to send them a little package of Halloween cheer!

This Blog account has a maximum of 300 mb of space for hosting images. But you can include a link to an image hosted on or some other site.

Anyway, let's try to get this going!!!!!

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